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Great stuff here... [Aug. 4th, 2007|10:05 pm]
Tribute to JL


Here are some links for everyone about RENT, and Anthony and Adam's return. By the way, I was blessed enough to be there on their opening night, and it was the best time EVER!!!

Anyway, ENJOY!!!

Exclusive, rarely seen RENT footage!

This one had some awesome interviews of the OBC...priceless!!!

RENT Stabilized

RENT article - Now in it's 12th year!

These are about RENT celebrating 12 years, and the changes since RENT's start. Awesomeness!!!

Rapp and Pascal Together Again in RENT!

RENT Boys Men Now

These are more articles about Anthony and Adam returning to RENT because, well, who doesn't love that?!? Check them out!!!

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