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"I am striving to become a writer and composer of musicals- I am 25 and am faced with a dilemma.

Although I am a sentimental romantic who loves old fashioned musicals, I am a member of a very unsentimental unromantic generation, who basically think musicals are too corny.

I feel that if I want to establish myself with "the powers tha be" in the theatre, I must compse music that appeals to the older ears in the production companies and audiences.

But if I want to try to cultivate a new audience for musicals, I must write shows with a score that MTV ears will accept.

If you were me, which audience would you write for?"

-- Jonathan Larson

"To Dream..to Hope..to Imagine..to Swoon..to lie..to hold hands..to kiss..to create..to allow..to accept..to be alive..to be aware..to be present in my life..in the life that i have. this is my life. the one we're in. we're here to learn. Meant to be..."
-- Jonathan Larson

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